Labour Hire (Temporary Staff)

Any of these thoughts pop into your head from time to time?

  • Business trends vary, will need more staff when sales increase, but will not be able to sustain the extra staff during the quieter periods..

  • I have a medium to small company with limited staff, all are necessary for the day to day operations, but if any of those staff members are off due to sickness or holidays, the production suffers and so does my clients.

  • The way legislation and awards are continually changing I don’t have the time to keep up to date.

  • As a business owner I seem to spend hours in advertising and interviewing staff for casual work, what are my options?

    If these situations apply to you and your business, addforce could be your solution. At addforce we can supply your business with the staff that you want and on your basis, whether it is full time, part time or casual.

We recognise the standard of staff we supply directly impacts your business – therefore all temporary employees undergo a basic skill test and are reference checked before being assigned. We place great emphasis on the skills, flexibility and performance of our temporary staff and reward good performance. addforce constantly strive to attract and maintain the best candidates.

At addforce, there’s no hidden cost to catch you off guard. Our employees come with a fully inclusive rate which consists of all mandatory loadings such as; workers compensation, superannuation, public liability insurance & payroll tax. Your business is charged a weekly invoice that incorporates this all inclusive hourly rate (plus GST) for the hours worked by the employee. To put it simply, what you see is what you get!

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